My name is Michael Primeaux. I’m a technology officer, architect and software engineer with over three decades of experience specializing in the design and construction of mission critical, high-performance parallel and distributed systems.

In addition to providing architectural guidance, software design engineering, and technology trending analysis to Fortune 500 companies, I spent six (6) years at Microsoft Corporation as a principal member the Distributed Systems Group working on Microsoft Windows Server, where I designed and developed core algorithms used by the Microsoft Active Directory service and shipped Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

After leaving Microsoft Corporation, I founded Six After focusing on research and leading very specialized teams through strategic and high-profile engagements for Fortune 500 customers with particular attention to performance and scalability remediation.

My current applied research topics include the design of algorithms in the areas of high-performance computing, adaptive autonomous agents for parallel and distributed systems, computational linguistics, event streaming, behavioral social sciences, and data science.

My classical areas of interest include cryptography and cryptanalysis, recreational mathematics, and geometry.

You can view my PGP public key here.

Key ID: A0D1DB3A
Length: 4,096
Algorithm: RSA
Fingerprint: 1019 1813 CFE3 8CEE A827 2BD1 24CC 1835 A0D1 DB3
Expires: April 30, 2021

You can find me on Twitter @michaelprimeaux, on LinkedIn @mprimeaux, on Keybase @mprimeaux and on GitHub @mprimeaux.